Merging 3 datatable into one with different column name

Dear All,

i need below on below query.
i have 3 datatable and i want to merge all the data into one data table…
i have attached excel for reference.
there is no primary key all the columns are different for all the data table.

please assist. DT3&output.xlsx (14.7 KB)

Hi @Sumit_D

Please use Join Data Tables activity for this case. Thanks.

H @vignesh.ks ,

thanks but there are 50 + columns in one data table… will join data table work dynamically without giving column name ?


Yes, it will work.

For eg: Data table one has 10 columns, if you join with data table two then it will merge after the 10th column.



join datatable is asking for valid argument and i cant give any column name to join the data table as there is no match in excel Capture

You can give like, any column from table 1 is not equal to any column from table 2. For reference, I have attached screen shot below.


“A” is table 1 column name and “B” is table 2 column name.



not getting proper output. it is adding more lines to output.DT3&output.xlsx (16.7 KB)


have a look here. With some minor adoptions on the flow it should also handle mutliple tables or just repeat it table after table