How to Map columns heading of two sheets

I have two different excel file. I have to make the columns headers equal.In first file i have column names nd have some value in it.In second file i have different column names but have same value as 1st file have.but some column have sane column name in both the files.
So i wanted the to make the bot which will make the column headers as equal.

For example i have column name like this in 1st file

Fruits. Man. animals. Data.

Nd now second file have column name like this

Veg. Humans. Animals. Info

Nd both these file have some value in it but fruits also have same value as in Veg column. And man also have same value as Humans have like this for others columns also.
So i wanted to make them this two file column name is same

Note: these two file column heading is starting somewhere in between the sheet.Not just from the starting

Experts plss help


Try with Join Datatable activity

Give condition which columns are similar

Later in the final output you can use Filter Datatable and in output columns you can specify what columns you need to output

Hope this will help you


Sorry but i dont know how to join datatable


Check below link for your reference on Join Datatables

Hope this help you


Sorry but the requirement is not only for common column headers.
It is for all which have same values in their columns


Could you please show me input data and also expected output.


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