How to iterate the image selection in a web page

I wanted to iterate the sequence of clicking on Like button in linked in and get the extracted data. I’m stuck in iterating the like button. I used profile pic as anchor base and click on like button. It’s happening for the first post. I wanted it for all the posts. Here is the screen shot of code which i have tried till now.

@samatha_dalavai Can you show the Find Element and Element Exists Selector ?

Sure, image image

@samatha_dalavai Do you want to Like all the Posts in Linked or of a Specific Post?

Actually it’s like every month posts… their likes and comments.

Instead of using anchor base
use a FOR EACH activity or a WHILE loop activity and inside that use a CLICK activity where the choose that LIKE button as a element and increment the id attribute value if its getting incremented for each profile along the blog list
but make sure that the id number is incrementing and then use a variable in the selector to replace that value of attribute and to create variable in selector itself

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @samatha_dalavai

Hi @Palaniyappan Thank you. I tried this in the first place. the idx value is same in every like button on the page by default it’s idx=‘1’. In the below screen shot i have tried selecting two different like buttons and the selectors seems to be the same.

is there any other relative element to it is incrementing

Till now i couldn’t find any @Palaniyappan

@Palaniyappan @samatha_dalavai Actually I could Find the parentId Attribute useful Where i managed to keep the number in that as dynamic and Tried to iterate it incrementally using a While Loop starting from 1, I Used Element Exists to Find if that Element is present, and I Got True after some number of iterations, as the numbers in parentId Attribute is not Incrementally arranged. But I don’t know how to go around the Posts incrementally :sweat_smile:

@supermanPunch yeah well, My case is becoming more complex. PID is also same. I have tried all the possible things. I need one more clarification, Is there any ways of converting UiEement? Anywways. Here is the screen shot of Explorer selectors. Please let me know if anything can be used.

@samatha_dalavai Do not use idx value :sweat_smile:, and keep the parentid=“ember”+incrementalValue.ToString , In this way whichever parentId Matches, It will match that particular post

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