The LiKe button on Facebook!

I’ve been trying to record the like button on facebook, but it’s not working,and you may know it’s got a dynamic selector and I did work on that but it didn’t make it. So I tried the anchor base but it didn’t work to me although I’ve use an element with a stable selector ! So please if anyone has an idea,I hope he share it with me.
thanks :slight_smile:

Try using wildcards to make it specific but not too specific as you get a lot of additional text in the selectors for the like button. I used the below to click the thumb and it worked fine but this will vary depending on the type of page that you are on.

<html app='chrome.exe' htmlwindowname='*' title='Facebook - Home | Facebook' />

Sir,thank you for the replay :slight_smile:Actually I ain’t got any problem with the page,meaning that the uipath is the selecting the right tab, but I can’t click the like although I could indicate it correctly in (click Element activity ) and I think this because the dynamic selector. I’ve tried to use wildcards ,but the result is the same.

Check if this code helps you in anyway

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wowwwwwww :joy: It did work .thank you vvaidya

You should thank @acaciomelo


Thanks People :slight_smile:

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