How to iterate pdf file one after another file

Hi Team,

I have 2 floder and inside the each floder have 2 pdf files. (Total 4 files)
So my question is ,
For 1st iteration I want to iterate inside the 1st floder 1st file and inside the 2nd floder 1st files then,
Next iteration I want to iterate 1st floder inside the 2nd files and 2nd floder inside the 2nd file then stop the execution.

How to slove the issue please suggest!!!


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Please refer to the attached workflow.

GetFilesUpdated.xaml (7.2 KB)

It will help to achieve your requirement but, I can’t say the provided solution is a good approach.


@NS7799 you want a code or just steps

Thanks @Jerry1 ,

But I need upload 1st floder inside 1st file and 2nd floder inside 1st file at a time in Adobe Acrobat Pro Dc application then ,
Next iteration need to upload 1st floder inside 2nd file and 2nd floder 2nd file.


@NS7799 I want to ask few things.
1-How you are identifying its first file and 2nd file?
2- second thing there is no need of loop if you have only 2 folder and 2 files inside each

Thanks @raja.arslankhan for responding.

Anything is fine for me.

I want itrate 1st 2 files Which is placed in different floder
And next iteration don’t iterate previous file this time .
Need to iterate 2 files in each floder


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Then, create 2 arrays and assign the values separately.

Array1 = Folder1Files(0), Folder2Files(0)}

Array2 = {Folder1Files(1), Folder2Files(1)}

But, I’m not sure whether the first/second file will be appropriately added to the arrays, I believe by default upon fetching the files from the directory they will be sorted basis of file created dates.

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Hi @raja.arslankhan ,
I have 2 floder which names as inputsource and input target
Inside each floder have 2 files.
Inside inputsource floder I have 2 files like Source and target pdf files
Inside the inputarget floder I have 2 files like Source1 and Target1 pdf files.

So I want upload source and source1 pdf files in Adobe Acrobat Pro Dc application for comparison it will give one output pdf files
Then next iteration want to upload the target and Target1 pdf files in same Adobe Acrobat Pro Dc application for comparison it will also give the output report…

Here my issue is
For 1st iteration how to upload source and source1 pdf files and next iteration how to upload target and Target1 pdf files…

Is that ok , am I cleared now @raja.arslankhan

Hi @Jerry1 ,
I have created the array but
In 1st iteration I have uploaded the source and source1 pdf files successfully but for 2 iteration BOT will take target and source1 pdf files

For 2nd iteration I want to take target and Target1 pdf files

@NS7799 ok give me few moments

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Thank You @raja.arslankhan

@NS7799 I am working on code. please wait, I was outside

Sure @raja.arslankhan ,
Thank You for your help and support

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Main.xaml (15.2 KB)
please check this one

Sorry for late its was little bit tricky but I have put all my best

Hi @raja.arslankhan
Sure , will check update you
Thanks a lot.

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@NS7799 yeah please check and give feedback about it

Hi @raja.arslankhan ,

It’s working
Thanks :+1:

@NS7799 Thank You. Happy Learning

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