How to stop Iteration in excel

I have 5 input pdf files so after execution one file data is Iterating 3-4 times,can anyone please help me on this to resolve the issue.find the attached below screenshot.


Use the break activity in the iteration

Hope it works!!

Hi @Chippy_Kolot

For the last files there is a same data in the last 4 rows. I think in this iteration this data is effecting the for each of files.

Could you more elaborate your query for better understanding.

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Take A array variable FoderPath=Directory.GetFiles(“Path”,“*.pdf”)
Build Datatable
Take For each loop

Use read pdf Text and the data is in a string variable
Use string manipulations and Regex to extract data
Use Add datarow activity

Outside For Each
Use write range activity

Hi @Chippy_Kolot - Can you explain a little brief. My understanding is after execution of pdf file is the excel loop is iterating for 3-4 times

Can you check how of rows of data getting extracted from the PDF. If the extracted data is 3-4 rows, then there is a chance the excel loop might iterate for multiple times to update those values to excel

Hi @Chippy_Kolot ,

Can you share 5input pdf file ?
I will test that

Im having two sequence, Most of the input files will execute in the first one itself ,else we have to run it from second sequence. So if Im having 5 input files and 4 of them will execute properly from the first sequence, remaining 1 has to work from second sequence, so at that time it is iterating more times.

It is confidential, Im sorry I cant share.


Please run your workflow in debug mode, So you understand why it will write data multiple times.
Take a look on for loop process

Hi @Chippy_Kolot ,
I tried with the folder containing the pdf file
You can try
my int/out
My solution


@Chippy_Kolot - Can you please check below points

  • Please run the second sequence in debug mode and monitor closely
  • If possible, place the required message boxes in the excel loop of second sequence and see what is trying to write
  • Also, do you see any change in the output. What is the expected output and what is the output that you are getting