How to iterate dropdown in for loop using Click Activity

Hello guys. I just would like to ask how to iterate dropdown using Click Activity. Select Item activity cannot be used. I have used Find Children and Get Attribute but variable cannot be stored in Click activity. Please help.

Try data scraping after clicking on the drop down option and store it in dt and use for each loop for iteration.

What Activity am I going to put inside for each iteration once I have used Data Scrape? Sorry I am new


Watch below video.

Yes but this only works in Select Item activity. Properties change when data is from table. For each loop exclusively for tables is also used.

When iterating over the found children WE can do in click activity

Use the looped element in click under the property element


Using the selector property under the property selector

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I have figured it out now. Thank you for this idea of data scraping. What I did was:

  1. Use data scraping
  2. Use For Each Data Row
  3. Inside For Each Data Row, I used Get Row activity.
  4. Afterwards I used Click Activity and Type Into Activity

Automation was successful. Thank you.

I also watched this link as reference

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