How to interact with client machine application

Suppose I am doing the development in my local and I wants to access the client machine application so how can I interact with that

You can use team viewer or Any desk
so that yo can access their machine with their approval or permission by sharing some id or password

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Hi @babita.shinde

You can use the Computer vision activities which used to do the automation in the Citrix environment.

You can access these computer vision activities in the activities panel.

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Hi @babita.shinde ,
You can use any remote app
Citrix, VM, Anydesk,…

computer vision activity and package will install in my local right but with the help of CV can I interact with client machine application?

Remote apps I can use but I am doing the development in my local so will I get the selector?

No need to install any package to use the CV activities. Just go and search CV activities in activities panel. It will show the CV activities.

You can automate the Citrix environment with this CV activities, but the selectors are very different for CV compared with the Ui selectors.

Check the below image :

Note - You have to use CV activities inside the CV scope activity.

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I understood but my intention is that it should work for client machine. Suppose there is one application in client machine I have to login with the help of username and pwd.

How can I do that

Hi @babita.shinde ,
You can use CV activity
with computer vision