Automating an application which runs inside "Oracle Secure Global Desktop" which inturn runs inside "Citrix Client"

Dear Team,

I have an interesting use case here. Please let me know if anyone has experience on this or already implemented it.

Inside a Citrix Client runs a virtualization client from Oracle which is “Oracle Secure Global Desktop”. The application which has to be automated runs inside this “Oracle Secure Global Desktop”. I could access the elements of the Oracle client and also can open an application inside it. That I achieved it through “Remote Runtime”. Once the application is launched inside the Oracle Client then Remote Runtime cannot get the information of the elements of this application and UiPath fails to click any of the buttons as it cannot recognise it.

How to solve this interesting scenario? if anyone has experience already pleas share it. Thanks in advance.

Ganesh Hegde


As it is a remote machine without runtime…(I meant the one opening inside citrix) you need to go with image or CV Activities …Normal activities might not work there


Unfortunately we dont use automation cloud and hence cannot use CV activities. Is there any other option ? Does UiPath provide oracle extension/remote runtime for oracle client just like citric extension & remote runtime for citrix ?


But your case itself is different…you are logining into two machiens…not one…so already it is on remote run time

You can try with keystrokes or else and image combination


I found a solution using Computer Vision local server package (UiPath.ComputerVsion.LocalServer to be installed from package manager) from UiPath. We can use CV activities with this. No need of Cloud Computer Vision or On Premise Computer Vision and no extra Licence is needed. Just a package from UiPath works pretty well, though it has some limitations like few CV activities (ex: CV Extract data table) will not be supported.

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