How to integrated uipath with custom desktop application

Hello Forum;

I have a request from a client and wondering if possible to achieve.

Is it posible to intergrate Uipath with a wpf application.

The application should be able to start, pause and continue Uipath process. Also will need to be able to display information process information as illustrated in the image below:

Any advice, solution or even alternative workaround will be valued (Except UiPath Orchestrator)


you could try writing logs on each machine with the robot and have a base machine where the “management app” reads and consolidates the data

Any specific reason for not using Orchestrator for this, since it has all the functionality already in place? It also has an API that you could use for that.

Anyway, you could also use the robot API.
Here’s a sample jQuery document for starting jobs with custom parameters, just to get you started:
test.html (1.4 KB)


Thanks for your response. Not all client have enterprise Licence, but most have robot license.

Would you have a tutorial link for orchestrator usage?

I have given you access to Orchestrator docs.

Great. How do i access it?

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Thank you for your support.***

Hey! I have read emails using UiPath and I have put them in a file. But, now I need to analyze the data in the file using Python which i want to run using UiPath. Is there any API available for that or do I have to do it using Recording in UiPath?

Hi, can I have the related xaml file that is getting called from test.html file. I need to understand what activities to use.