Control Room feature in UI Path

Please confirm if there is a control room feature in UI Path wherein I could manage all the bots in a single UI, manage workflows etc. If yes, kindly guide the path and some details around it.
I acknowledged that it has a scheduler to automate the runtime but could not find a single UI to manage multiple workflows in a single screen

A higher level view and control for multiple robots is available through UIPath Orchestrator

Thanks for the info.

I acknowledged the start trial option of Orchestrator available in the link is leading to UI path tool download only. Could I access Orchestrator within UI Path tool itself? Please guide.
I would like to see how it works.

hi @igul

You can not access Orchestrator server inside Uipath. it will run on a different port and needs server to run.
You have to download related power shell files and depends elastic search packages and other kibana plugins and not compulsory but good to prefer dedicated server.

You can contact uipath team if you wants to purchase such things and wants to setup.

Thanks& Regards…!!

Ok. Thanks for the update.