How to integrate with python?


I try to connect the python code. showing full path error.
do you have any sample xaml file please share!

Particularly this:

Hi, did u find a solution to this problem? :frowning:
Thank you!

Just a simple thought: you do have python installed on your machine right?

Hi all. I’m trying to invoke a simple, very simple Python script (print(‘Hello, world!’)) using that Python_Mini_Demo (by the way, there is an error with the scripot location).

Loading the Python Script, there is no problem. But when Invoking the script with an “Invoke Python Method” activity I’m always getting this message: “Error loading Python script: System.AggregateException - One or more errors occurred.”

I have a Windows 10 enteprise 64, Python 3.6.3 (32 bits) , Uipath 2017.1.6435 Community edition

I was able to download and install the Pyhon package, but I’m not sure if this works or it requires a specific combination of studio + windows + Python?

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I have uploaded to latest UiPath version and error is not there anymore. Problem was with the UiPath version installed.


Alfredo what version were you successful with?

Thanks in advance!

I have a problem with the activity. We wrote a python script that uses some external python libraries that should be imported in the code. How do we import those libraries in UiPath?

Hello, could you be please more specific ? What do you mean ‘how do you import those libraries in UiPath’? They should be imported in the python script, as you mentioned. Also, please note that some libraries can not be imported. I’ve written about this here: Python script with Class and object - #3 by Sergiu.Wittenberger
This might be a limitation of the python activity, and if that’s the case, it should be raised as a bug / feature request for improvement. If not, I’d appreciate it if someone posted a more indepth guide on how to do this.

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