How to use the Python Activity in the studio beta


when i use the python activity in the least studio, there are always some strange problems.

such as :

  • Python Scope : Error initializing Python engine

  • so how to use these activities of python

How to integrate with python?

Hi @she_xiangdong,



i mean is how to use following activities, i`m not going to use these activities, and arise some problems.


I had the same issue but found it to work if I used the 32 bit version of python


You can use only python 32 bit and set the version and the path in the Python scope
Please read the documentation also




@yegushang what is the issue you encountered?

See if this example of @cornel helps: (2.5 KB)

Using Python Activity
How to execute Python script?
How do I use Invoke Python acitivities
Run Python Code

Thanks for your workflow. I am facing the issue given below:
Python Invoke has thrown an exception

Message: Job Downloads stopped due to unexpected process termination!

Exception Type: Exception

System.Exception: Job Downloads stopped due to unexpected process termination!

Please advice.


What wf are you running thats giving this error?