How to integrate Bitbucket (version control) with Uipath?

We are trying to connect to Bitbucket through Team → Git clone repository (using Uipath version 2019.5.0). But we are getting error as “Unable to clone from the given repository. Please make sure the remote is available and try again”.

In Bit bucket, we have created a public repository(without password). the bit bucket cloned url is Bitbucket

We also tried with the clone url Bitbucket. That was also throwing the same error.

The same we tried through github. It was working fine. Please assist for getting the Bitbucket integrated to Uipath.

Check this out

Thanks Anand. But the details mentioned here by Russbel is for github not for Bitbucket. We need details for Bitbucket.

Hi Arun,
Were you able to resolve your query ?

Yes. Due to company’s internal security, the Bit bucket was blocked inside our comapy network. We are able to access the Bitbucket outside our company network.