How to install UiPath tool on production?

Installation of UiPath tool on produciton is different than normal installation which we do in desktops ? Can some one help me to if there is any other process to install tool on production ?

Thanks in advance

Hi dude,

did find any solution to install uipath tool in production like studio, robot and orchestrator.
Kindly share you experience if you done on production environment.


We don’t need to install uipath studio in production.
Uipath studio is only used for development. For running your process in production you only need to have robot.

Just install robot , and map is correctly with orchestrator.


Ok friend. So, UAT environment also we don’t need studio right. But how to set up Orchestrator in production environment. IThelpdesk team they don’t know anything about this. So, we need to install and configure everything.

@Selvaganesh, Orchestrator would need to be installed on any of your servers as it is a web application you need to configure it into IIS and you would be able to access it through link. Refer below link for installation -