How to install into standard account?

My organisation locks down Windows with an Administrative account so the IT person runs a command prompt as the Administrator to run the UiPathCommunityStudio.msi file. But after installation, it is in the Administrator account and not in my user account.

How do I install into my account?


We can install UiPath Studio Community Edition without Admin right. So, can you try to install it by your account?


I get an error message that says my organisation’s policies does not allow installation of msi files.


Can you have your administrator enable policy of user-install?


Is it connected to any VPN

While installing UiPath studio it will ask for admin credentials to install it in user mode

By that time you can reach your admin to just provide the credentials so that it will get installed in your machine only

I did in that way only

Cheers @chris.trains

Nope, it is not using a VPN

Because of the organisation policies, I cannot install using the msi file. The IT admin had to start a Command Prompt (Run as Administrator) to run the msi file. But it installed it in the Administrator account and not my user account.

Nope, that is not how it works. I do not have the authority to ask the administrator to change the policy for the whole organisation.

Hi Chris,

We do have organisation policy it will ask admin access to install any software. But we have requested temporary admin access to our user id to install uipath software in our machines. I think every organisation allow temporary admin rights if you have approval from your immediate manager. Try to get temporary admin rights to install uipath.