Install UiPath Studio Without Admin right


I have a little problem, i want to install the new version of uipathstudio.msi, but the installer is askin admin rights, in my organisation i can’t be the admin of my laptop, so i asked i admin to install it for me, the problem is now uipath robot is askin admin authentification to access the parameter

Do you guys have a solution for me ?

Thanks in advance

Can I have that screenshot if possible
Cheers @tharuler

Hi, can’t really take a screenshot the pop-up block all action

But here is a picture

That’s what happen when i open UiPath robot and try to access the parameter, if i use my credentials i have the message error " The requested **operation requires elevation"

Actually, the IT teams will restrict the users to install the software, but it will run the studio directly without installing by double clicking on the application in all the cases.

Coming to your case, may be the application is in the C drive which will always restrict users to place and install. Can you check the same placing the application in some other drive @tharuler?


i can’t install it on another drive, i don’t have one

and i think the problem is the installer, the installer (uipathstudio.msi) asks for admin rights to install UiPath, so naturally UiPath robot asks for admin rights to run

May be that is the restriction you have within your company. So, you need to install with admin rights. Anyway, as it is a single time activity, you can install once and then use it. May be this won’t be the solution for your problem :slight_smile:


You need to install it like shown here:

Hello @tharuler,

The community version of Studio found here does not require any admin rights to install as it installs under the user directory. You can give that a try.


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Thanks @Nithin_P; but i need to install the enterprise edition

Then you need to ask your system admin to enter the credentials in the pop up. There is not work around for this !. This is bcos the Enterprise edition installs inside Program File (x86) folder.



Are you tried to install with right click and “Run as Administrator”?