Community Edition 21.10 - Installation Changes


Hello Maciej,

today I installed the preview release 21.10 of the Studio and as far as I can see I need admin rights to install it. The target directory is now %PROGRAMFILES%\UiPath. In release 21.4.4 was the target directory %LOCALAPPDATA%\UiPath, where I can install without admin rights.


As far as I can see you combine Community and Enterprise Edition in one installer. Is that correct?


Do you plan to continue offering an own community installer in the future, where I do not need administrative rights?

Thanks for an answer.
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@StefanSchnell for the first option admin rights are not needed. Is still the user-profile installer.

Is this not working for you? What is the usecase you would like a dedicated installer for community?



Hello Alexandru,

thank you very much for your answer. Interesting, until now I always assumed that an MSI basically requires admin rights, as well as the writing to the program directory %PROGRAMFILES%.

All is working well in my case. My use case is that you have the possibility to install the community edition, in consideration of the terms of license, on a company computer, without the help of an administrator.

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