How to insert several excel columns in the body of the mail

Hello friends!
I have an excel document, the document has several columns with data.
In the body of the mail I want to add several columns and show that information. How it is performed? through a chain? or HTML?

Could you give me an example please

Hello @Ana_Patricia_Garcia - Hope the below thread would helps you!!

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@Ana_Patricia_Garcia Please refer this as well

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it depends from if you want to send a text email or a html email

Once you have decided then create the email body.

For converting a datatable into text we do it e.g with output datatable or customize it.

for converting the datatable to a HTML table we do have some components from the marketplace or we are using the Create HTML Content activity supporting datatable as variables (we have smal bug but also a workaround to it)

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Try this work flow
DataTableToHtmlText.xaml (14.5 KB)

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