How to insert file text at paticular position in word using Uipath

I want to insert near [Company-specific info] which is hilighted in black ,But my cusror position is at top so its inserting top.

Hi @MitheshBolla

Have a look on the thread

Hope it will helps


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I had a text file which is more than 255 characters,
I am using insert file option and adding text in word, but it is adding at top .

Hello @MitheshBolla
Kindly try Anchor activity, It may useful for you

Gokul Jai

Can you share the sample word document with us @MitheshBolla

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Can i move curosor position to the text which i want to replace @supermanPunch

Hi @MitheshBolla ,

To be clear on what is required, Could you let us know if you want to insert text/String at a particular position or do you want to insert a File at a Particular position in the word document ?

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I want to insert file text in word document at paticular position bro!

@MitheshBolla ,

This is leading to confusion, Could you show us a Screenshot after you do the operation manually. So that we can get it cleared on how the Output needs to appear.

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step 1: I read word file
setp 2: i am using click action and clicking on Insert

Text from file option.
I am selecting a file here .
Job duties.html (3.3 KB)
The data in html file is inserting into word document at the top .As, the cursor positon is top