How to insert different urls in different cells of an excel

I want to insert an URL link to an excel cell. like that i want to insert in multiple excel cells. can anyone have solutions to work on it.

Can you please explain how are you getting the links? If it is through data scraping, then the URLs will be in the datatable so writing the data table will write in different cells.

If you are getting it individually, you can use build data table and add data row to write the entire URL’s to a data table and then write to the excel


Initialize a variable as count and assign value as 1 and use excel application scope and write cell and mention the range as β€œA” + count.tostring

after writing one value, use assign activity and increase the value of count as count + 1 :slight_smile:

I have to create the urls using robo itself in excel by clicking on ctrl+k and then by selecting the particular path. I want to know how can we select a appropriate cell in excel to create the url.image

@mani93 Use write cell and add formula in write cell refer this

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I have few image files which are not urls i hv to convert it to a url by selecting a cell in excel and by ctrl+k then I want to name the particular images as the person name and to insert that in a corresponding user row by the name. ie suresh.url has to insert in D2 and Prathik has to insert in D3…


So you want to insert the images in the excel cell??

@indra In the below formula
#Sheet2 refers to path
E10 is the cell
Budget is the reference name crct
can you please clarify on this

@AryanSingh Exactly!!!


Let me confirm one last thing, are the image file names allocated automatically or you are doing it manually?

Are the images located in same folder and there extension??

@AryanSingh Automatically allocated and all are in same folder


Files_List = Directory.GetFiles(folderPath,"*.jpeg/jpg etc)

folderPath is variable to store the path of the folder you want to read.

Try these to withing the for each activity.

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