Using URL string in an excel and feeding it as a URL in a web testing application

I have an excel file that has a list of links. then I have this web performance test site that needs those links to start its test. Doing it manually is such a hassle and with the results, I will do the data scraping and write it in the excel file. I am currently working on the 1st part for now- which is being able to feed the URL in the webpage. 2nd part on data scraping.

  1. I have a URL file in Excel format (50+ urls in a column)
  2. I want UiPath to read from that file
  3. I have this web page where I will feed that URL.
  4. The reading from the excel file works already, however, when the flow is in the “Enter a website”, after the script proceeds to click Start Test- it Prompts Enter a Valid URL
  • I used Assign, store that row item, still the same prompt

  • I used Get row item, but an error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”

  • I had initialized the data table, but still gets the same error.

I even inserted delays in between to give time to each processing, but still no avail :frowning:

Among get row and assign, which would be better to use?
OR what could be better? Or could I have missed data compatibilities? that the string was not able to be read as a URL?

Thank you.

Change your variable to string?

Also it looks like that set text is enumerable which i am almost positive you’ll need to read your input from an array. i havent used it much so i am not to sure.

@CBlanchard thank you I will try it that way.