How to insert data into multiple rows in a table on web page

Hi All,

I am trying to automate a process where I need to insert data in a web application by clicking Add row button. During said process, previously entered data will also be available to edit again along with the new empty row to enter. In a single row it has a mix of text and date fields.

I am reading the data from excel sheet,clicking on add row and using for each row i am inserting data into columns of the row and at the end click Add row again.

My Question is - Data gets entered into first row properly and it added new row also.Now, both the rows 1 and 2 are open to edit/enter. How to instruct UiPath to enter the data only in the 2nd row i.e newly added row ? All of the columns of the 2 rows have same properties.

Any inputs on this?

Vishal Kumar

You can give the dynamic selector to enter the data.

Can you post the selectors you have in the fields where you are entering the values? both for row 1 and row 2 @vishal.kumar

Hi @HareeshMR

Please see the attached document of screen to automate and respective selectors from UiExplorer. (590.2 KB)

Vishal Kumar