How to input excel formula into excel cell from write cell activity

Dear Guys,

I am having to convert this excel formula to readable UiPath formula

“=IF(ISBLANK(G226),”“”“,”“WW”“&(WEEKNUM([@[C1 Registration Date]],1)))”

When i am running the workflow, i am having this error ,

Write Cell: The write operation failed, because one of the following reasons:
► The data you want to write “=IF(ISBLANK(G226),”“,“WW”&(WEEKNUM([@[C1 Registration Date]],1)))” has a wrong format;
► Excel is busy or you are currently editing a cell;
► If your data is a formula, make sure you use comma as parameters separator;
► During the write operation make sure no dialog windows are opened.

Can you guys help me resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance.


Can you please show the orginal formula you are using in excel please

Also please confirm if you are trying to do any other operations at the same time on excel…


The original formula is =IF(ISBLANK(G2),“”,“WW”&(WEEKNUM([@[C1 Registration Date]],1))).

I am trying to use write cell activity and use this formula as value for the actiivty.

Unfortunately, when i am using this activity. I will get those error .


Can you confirm if the formula is working normally in excel?

if not first correct the formula…

then ideally this should work for you

"=IF(ISBLANK(G2),"""",""WW""&(WEEKNUM([@[C1 Registration Date]],1)))"

Just first verify the formula in excel for proper details…also if any of the column name is wrong also it would not work as expected


Hi @Anil_G,

Thanks for your advice.

I have fix the issue by replacing the formula with this formula

“=IF(ISBLANK(G2), “” “”,”“WW”“&(WEEKNUM([@[C1 Registration Date]],1)))”

By adding space before the double quote.

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