How to input Double variable into data table


iam trying to input Double variable into datatable in Append Range Activity but iam facing this error

Thanks in Advance

Hi @jai_kumar2 ,

Append Range accepts Datatable as the input value and not Double type values.

You would need to either loop through the values and update the corresponding column value for the particular row where you want to update.


Find the Index of the Column and Row and then use an Assign activity to update the double value / Similarly we can use Write Cell Activity to update the value into the excel sheet.

Hi @jai_kumar2 in append range activity you can pass only DataTable Type.


If you want write the specefic value then use write cell activity.


cellAddres will be like A1…

hi thanks for reply, Actually iam using it in loop so i cant use write cell Activity

Hi thanks for reply

so any possible to convert to convert double variale into datatable also i already tried “Generate Data table activity” so any other possibilities

Could you send your code that you assigned to minvalueU?

Hi @jai_kumar2 ,

If you are still having issues, Let us know what is the input that you currently have and what is the Expected Output after the operation ?

Screenshots/Files would be helpful to understand better.

If you have already found a solution to your problem, Please post the Solution that you have used or Mark the appropriate Solutions from here which have helped you.