How to indicate the robot to click next row in web browser

Hi guys,

May I have any advise on editing the selector to indicate the robot the click on the next row?
Currently, my selector is like this

I already assign counter=1


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Here’s an example of my robot

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@sam.lee Can you share the selectors so it will be useful to give solution

Hi @indra,

Here’s my selector like

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Each row the tableRow will increase by 1

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@sam.lee Have you incremented counter in assign activity?


I do it like this

counter = 1, and it’s Int32 type. Is this correct ?

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@sam.lee Yes but add this to increment the value

Assign counter = counter+1


I changed the Assign activity accordingly. It run without error but it stop at the click activity and not executing it.

@sam.lee Give counter default value 1

@sam.lee Use incremented assign activity after click activity

Sorry @indra, I’m kinda newbie to UiPath. What do you mean by giving counter default value 1 and I thought the incremented assign activity have to set before the click activity ?

@sam.lee Is it possible to share your workflow

Hi @indra,

Here’s my workflow. Due to some information that are confidential I only able to show you the step where I need to indicate the clicker the click on the next row.

Hello @sam.lee

Take a look at this picture:

  • First assign"tableRowStr" is the counter to start doing the click action.
  • Secon assign takes the whole element until the word “tableRow” , on the original selector there is a number which I convert to dynamic by passing a variable, the assign above.
  • So you have two assigns one for the counter and one to assing the incrementing variable.

“< html title=‘Consulta de saldos e impresión de copia de factura EEGSA – EEGSA’ />< webctrl aaname=‘Imprimir factura’ tableRow='”+ tableRowStr.ToString +“’ tag=‘A’ />'”

  • After that we have a do while activity

  • Inside this do while you can find this:

  • A click activity where you assign, instead of a regular element like the whole html markup above, just the variable name with the incrementing variable already in it. you feel me?
    like you construct the varSelector, saying I have this long html and I need to increment it and you have it ready to assign to an activity in this case a click action.

  • at the end I just add an assign and increment the variable


Happy automation,

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regards.Download_Invoice_WorkFlow_Forum.xaml (19.4 KB)


Hi @beesheep

I really appreciate your effort! But I still encounter an issue on the click activity, seems like the cursor is not able to locate where to click. My apologies cause I’m still very new to UiPath, here’s my workflow, can you check what is the issue with my selector?ClickNextRow.xaml (10.1 KB)

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Now the robot able to click, but it still click back the same link, it would not proceed to the next row.

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Sure let me check. :slight_smile: I’ll get back to you soon


hi @beesheep, any idea what’s wrong with the workflow?

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