How To Indicate Screen on pop up databrowser

i have situation like this… i need to click on this Manage Queries
(see img below - on blue icon)

Simply i just click on the panel like this.

Since there’s nothing at all when try to execute this, i have many try to indicate this, but still nothing, its only refer to

Please help, what i need to to do.
Fyi, i’m using Oracle JD Edwards.



Have you tried with find element or element exists and also try with Anchor base.


Hi @Felix_Gunawan

Try using click image activity and select the filter icon region!



There are multiple ways to click on that button
Let me try to tell them one by one based on reliability

  1. Use a Normal click activity where first use a ATTACH BROWSER activity or if it looks like a desktop application window then use a ATTACH WINDOW activity
    Inside that activity keep the CLICK activity
    If you are not able to indicate the element then try with other different modes of clicking
    Click on UI explorer option in studio design tab
    In that window click on settings and try with different modes

  2. If normal click doesn’t work then try with SEND HOT KEY activity where use a short keys if any applicable with that window
    Use tab key and use n number of send hot keys with same tab until it reaches that filter option
    Once after reaching use a SEND HOT KEY with enter key

  3. Even if that doesn’t work then try with COMPUTER VISION activities

  4. Finally try with CLICK IMAGE ACTIVITY

Cheers @Felix_Gunawan

yes, i can click now, but how when i need to type into on this form.

do you have any clue?


Hi @Felix_Gunawan

After clicking the filter icon if a window is opening we can try with attach window and we can try with type into activity!


Then you can prefer this option now

But with few modifications

  1. First use a SET TO CLIPBOARD activity and. Pass the value you want to type as input string

  2. Then use a SEND HOT KEY Activity and use tab key until it reaches the field you want

  3. Once after reaching use a SEND HOT KEY with key as ctrl+V

And another hot key activity with key as enter

Cheers @Felix_Gunawan