How to increase browser dialog window size

Hi, I need to slightly increase a dialog browser window. How can I do this? maximize activity is too much and custom input does attach to the dialog window I need.

Hi @rohangroombridge

You can use Send Hotkey and Type Into to resize screen.

  1. Send Hotkey Alt+Space Bar
  2. Type Into "S"
  3. Type Into ā€œ[k(right)][k(up)]ā€+"[k(right)][k(up)]"+"[k(right)][k(up)]"
  4. Send Hotkey enter key

Please refer to the attached file
ResizeScreen.xaml (9.4 KB)

I hope that is useful for you :blush:

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Thanks. I ran your workflow but it does produce a browser dialog window and resize it. am i missing something?

Hi @rohangroombridge

Could you please test resize your screen by keyboard key.

1.Open Browser
2.Minimize Browser screen
3.Press Alt+Space Bar
4.Press ā€œSā€ button
5.Press Right arrow button+ Up arrow button
6.Press Enter button

If it can resize your screen, Please try to create new workflow
and see my workflow for guideline

Sorry for the inconvenience :bowing_man:

Thank you. It seems it is partly working. I changed it to send [K(down)][K(right)] three times but it seems to be only doing it once. even though i have kept your multiple type into activities but it only move the window once. Any suggestion?

I would like to confirm your Input string.
Could you please share your workflow screen.


Hi @rohangroombridge

I found another solution to easy resize the screen more than using keyboard key.

Please try to use Move Window activity

I hope this information will be useful for you :blush:

This worked perfectly . Thank you

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