How to identify sub row of a table in a browser application

Hi Experts,
I am having a scenario where i have to enter data in multiple rows in the browser and if i found different data i have to create another row by selecting option from current row. As you can see in picture.
and data should be enter one after other how can enter data in a row which newly created.

Note:- there may be 100 of rows and the main row can be on any index.

Hi there,

You can try using Find Children/Descendants to identify how many rows there are in the application as compared to your input data.

Based on the number of differences, e.g. if your input data has 4 rows and your application form has only 2 rows, use a for each to loop through the mismatched indexes {3,4} in this case, to add a new row by selecting the option of the current row (which should be the current index-1).

Once all rows have been added in the application, you can loop through your input data again to fill in the details.

Hope this helps.