How to identify item highlighted in blue on the list and check its associated checkbox in UIPath?

On the selection screen of an application there is a Search field and Search button similar below:


Once the bot typed in a specific value from an excel file into the search field then click Search… The search result/item is highlighted in blue… I would like the bot to identify the highlighted item and check its associated checkbox… anyone who has an idea how to? Thanks

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Hi @elizmarie ,

welcome back!

did you try the check activity?

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check in uiexplorer on the elements / list element for attributes reflecting the selection

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Hey @elizmarie

This looks pretty straight forward.

  1. Type into the search keyword

  2. Click search button

  3. Use check activity to enable checkbox, Kindly make sure you pass the search keyword in the selector’s attribute dynamically using the variable

(Mostly the attribute will be aaname or innertext)

One more workaround for this would be like skipping the steps 1 and 2, if all the items in that search box are already rendered then you can simply perform Step 3 directly.

Hope this helps.


Hi @Nithinkrishna , thanks for helping. I’m getting this error when using check activity… I haven’t tried it on a dynamic variable yet and just used app recorder to see if it’s checking the checkbox but this is displayed during runtime:


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This approach worked for me. I just used “Click Image” activity instead of “Check” as it’s not checking any item.

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