Identifying selections on screen to do an activity

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I have two questions:

  1. How do I make sure that if a ckeck box is unchecked the robot clicks and if it is already checked it ignores this action?

  2. And, in the second case, where I have the information β€œ21”, he deselects another check box, otherwise he ignores this change.


Thaks a lot!

Hi @Gustavo_Lopes

There is attribute for this in selector

I think it is checked attribute if it is 0 then it is unchecked

If it is 1 , it is checked

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Hi @Gustavo_Lopes,

For question1, there will be a property called aastate when you indicate the element using UiExplorer, that property will give the correct state of the checkbox.

For question2, you can use get text activity to extract 21 from the screen and checking it or you can explore the properties of that element in the UiExplorer, I believe the text or aaname property will have the value.

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@NIVED_NAMBIAR, this helped a lot.

Thank you!

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Mark it as solution if you got it @Gustavo_Lopes

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@Udhay, thanks.
I use the β€œchecked” attribute indicated by @NIVED_NAMBIAR for the first situation and your indication for the second issue.
Thanks a lot!

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Hi @Gustavo_Lopes, please mark @Udhay answer as solution too I think he has help you in another case

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