How to identify colour symbol on web application throught UiPath studio

Hey guys,
I have to check the colour on the web application, on that basis will be able to figure out whether claim is closed or open. If it is of “Blue” colour means it is open and i fit is “Grey” colour then closed.
How we can identify it.?


I guess its not possible to identify colour using UiPath. Try to identify some other elements to do this task.

Hi @Arooshi13

Use highlight activity and set color property as blue LL highlight the element


Hi, Let’s take a small example with the website to exemplify: W3Schools Tryit Editor

  1. Open the above URL in Internet Explorer
  2. The site will be as shown below: with the button disabled
  3. Inspect the button using the UIExplorer and that has the below properties under Property Explorer section in the UIExplorer.
  4. The disabled property for that button has a value of 1
  5. With the button enabled as shown in the site:
  6. In UIExplorer, the disabled property has turned to 0 for the button with an enabled state as shown below:


  • Please inspect with the UIExplorer.
  • Check the Property Explorer if there are unique properties that show the difference between the state of a button or an element.
  • Using the Get Attribute activity, extract the value and compare.
  • The same is applicable for color or any other properties if at all there are any property that holds the value.

Note: There are other posts in the forum that explains more about the given scenario. Please refer them as well.