Can we identify on Ui if red color text present or not in uiPath


I have a scenario where I want to check if a text is red color in color then i need to fetch that text.
Is this possible to do?
Can someone pls help me with this.

Thanks in advance.

we need to know the application type (web, desktop…)

For web elements we can use the following package and can retrieve the text color:

CSS Property Key: color

Hi @ppr

Thanks for responding
It’s web based
I tried using this package but it is giving me this, please find attached screenshot.
can you please help me with this.

Currently this LIB is offered for Windows Legacy Target framework - we planned also to migrate / making available for the Windows target framework and will release it in future.

As workaround do the following:
analyze the webelement details with UiExplorer / Browser F12 Webtools. When the red definition is not inherit from long distance away parent elements maybe it can be detected by markers e.g class name parts or style definitions


Is there any workaround for this, which I can implement as of now?

have a look on the updated post


Thanks for help