How to separate elements by color in Uipath?


Currently I am working on a project, where I would need to distinguish untreated entries based on color. So for example: “if the color is blue then I would need to click on the item and change some values inside” But how to filter elements based on color in UIpath? I found some videos on excel color, but it was of no help, because this is on a web application.
Now I wonder if there is any good solution to this problem?



We can try with GET ATTRIBUTE activity where the attribute holds the color with which we can find the color and click on it

Mention style in get attribute. It will retrieve the entire style from which you can get background color property by string manipulation (splitting may be)

Cheers @Martin_Freser

I have tried with get attribute, but I have no style to select. The color attribute is inside a bootstrap class and I am trying to get to it but no idea how to do that in uipath.bootstrap


in my opinion if it is hard to get attribute for the color. we can go with the attribute that help us to indicate whether link enabled or disabled mode. if the link is enabled that means we can click and navigate inside and get our desired output.

Get the selector for the Dell entry and see which attribute is showing enable or disable options. Hope this will help your automation. thanks.


Sadly this won’t be plausible this data is imported from another application, which access I won’t get. The only difference to other entries is the color. (DELL entry has no hyperling to it.). To make changes I have to press another button called “Spremeni” which is the same for all entries.

ok got it. By seeing the image i thought some hyperlink is there for Dell. in that case please go with color attribute. thanks.

just a question what about the special character “#” will it come for all or whose having blue color in it.


is only on testing environment. Its a huge list and # will appear on the top :slight_smile:

mmm ok such stubborn site. not giving easy options :grinning:

haha yeah. But hey nothing you can do about it. yust have to figure out a way to work with what you have.

True. All the best for your R&D on this.