How to identify Checkbox and its value in word and write to excel


My case is to identify checkbox in word and write to excel. My solution is using for each and get attribute and then add data row. However I met this errorerror Really appreciate for your help!


My word screenshots:WeChat%20Screenshot_20191023175439

My xaml screenshots:

My 2nd xaml screenshots:

Find children:

get attribute:

we need to check with add data row input arguments like whether they have value in or not
that is the get attribute didnt give any output values for those attribute thus the element is not chosen rightly
kindly check that once pls
Cheers @Celinnie


Thanks for your reply, and here is my get attribute picture(indicate on screen):
I put the area that including all checkbox I want to identify

yah thats fine
but we need to check whether those variables has value in it or not
for that keep those in WRITE LINE ACTIVITY and it will display the output in the output panel so that we can validate with that
and may i how it is mentioned in add data row activity

Cheers @Celinnie

In the output, I can see the value and maybe add data row has some problems.
Here is the screenshots for add data row:

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yah count variable is the problem as it doesnt have any default value in it
either put that in variable panel
or in the assign activity along the sequence before for each loop

Cheers @Celinnie

I assign count=0 and also tried default value of count = 0, but it still has the former error.1

hmm fine
may i know whether have we created a datatable with three columns using build datatable activity or is there any source for that variable

Cheers @Celinnie

Thank you so much! I forgot to build table. Many thanks!

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Hi Palaniyappan,

I got another error.
Occasion: Based on the former result, I would like to keep rows that CheckBoxStatus=True and save the results as a new datatable. But I received this error by using assign:


read range->clear data table->assign->append range

Thank you so much!

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