Highlight Function

Does UIPath have a function where the Main Window will highlight the step that is currently being executed? Is that the “Highlight Elements” function? I’ve been trying to play around with it, but haven’t gotten it to work yet. Thanks!

When you run the debugger it will highlight the active element as the process goes along. For interactions with the UI it will show which UI element is being targeted by the robot.

Thanks Daniel! Is there anything that highlights the activities in the main window? When I test in debugger mode it only highlights the elements on the UI

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In the Options menu item you can select both Highlight Activities and Highlight Elements. Then just make sure that the UI elements aren’t open on top of studio or else you won’t be able to see the highlighting.

I only have the Highlight Elements option to choose from. I’m running on Community Edition, so is it possible that I don’t have access to the Highlight Activities option, or is there some sort of plug-in I need to add?

Thank you!