How to highlight(by highlighter pen) words/phrases in pdf and word file

I want to highlight multiple words in pdf and word files.

Eg. In word file we have below sentence in which we need to highlight “Goods” word by highlighter pen.Its appears 3 times. same way this sentence in pdf file also.

“The Goods may be supplied in separate batches. Supply periods, the range and quantity of the Goods, as well as other terms the Parties consider material for the supply of the Goods”.

Please help me to how to highlight words by highlighter pen in both pdf and word file.

hi @SandipRaut this worklow I have attached is for highlighting in word documents:
Highligt.xaml (5.8 KB)
You just need to change the path in start process activity.
Please mark as a solution if this works :slight_smile:
Also for PDF refer to this: