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Hello All,

I have done highlighting of searched key words. But am not able to highlight all the keywords which have been searched.

Example:- When i searched “Petroleo” key word in pdf. There will 5 keywords will be searched. In which am able to highlight only 4 key words.

I have attached XML. Please check and let me know.


Main.xaml (24.9 KB)

can you please attach the pdf file ?

Hi @Mohan_Parashetti,

You can also use Regex for this. Please see the attached.

Main (3).xaml (11.3 KB)

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The PDF file size is 9 mb… Not able to attach… Is there any alternative to send the pdf!!

Please see the attached file, i believe its fixed.
Let me know if further assistance is needed.

Main.xaml (22.6 KB)

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Thank-you for the help