How to Handle with Activity Which Works Only With Visible Content?

Hello, newbie and I don’t think I’m understanding the whole thing about UIPath. Some activities, I notice, only works when it is visible on the screen, such as: Get Text, or Screen Scraping. But we all know, the content we want to get is not always already visible on screen. There are so many examples about Screen Scraping but all of them always have the content already visible on screen.

  1. My question is, what is the best way to get them visible on screen?
  2. How to make it stable?

To make my question more easily understood, let me provide an example:
I want to read a table content from a PDF file. But the table position may vary depending from times to times. For example, when the introduction message is short, the table may be seen as soon as we open the the PDF. But when the introduction is long, we might have to scroll it to see it (but we never know how far to scroll it).

And when we opened it, how about when the window was moved during the automation? Or while the automation is not running? Should we always set the Zoom to 100% and make sure the Window is Maximized every time, and make sure no one touch the computer during the automation?

Any explanation leading to understanding of automation is really appreciated.

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