How to handle timeout error while doing http request


In my workflow at several time (around 6 ) i am doing api call using http request to jira and for some calls i am getting https timeout error .
for now i am using try catch and in catch with some delay i am calling again with selection of timeoutexception like below image.
but still sometimes it fails in second call also due to slow performance of jira and script gets stopped and i dont want that.
how can i handle this error more efficiently ? is any way to handle ?
kindly help me on same.

Do you want your workflow run without error? If yes just remove the exception in catch block, else please run the program by “Run” (debug option). If you run your program by “Debug” option studio will stop the execution and it will throw the error

yes , for testing purpose i am checking in debug mode.
i just wanted to know know can i handle this time out error in more efficient way .

Add your activity in catch block. for example if time out error if you want to terminate workflow then use terminate workflow. Likewise you can handle your workflow in catch block by adding additional activities

You can put true in continueonerror property.
Error will be thrown

thanks for the suggestions .
yes i put true in continue on error now it is fine

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