From excel to web app: dropdown list

Hi everyone.
On a web app, I need to select on the screen the sexe of a candidate from a dropdown list.
Now, I need to iterate this activity many times.
For instance, candidate 1 is a male. I need to open the dropdown list and select male.
Candidate 2 is a female. The robot should open the list and select female.
This needs to be repeated for all candidates on the excel table.
How do I proceed? I never used select time so I have this message " Attribute not supported bu the current UiNode.

@Youssef You can use 2 click activities one for opening drop down list and other click for selecting female. This is alternative method.

other way u can try is you can use selector which is in second click activity inside select Item activity. That might work also

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Thanks @Manjuts90. It would work if there would have been only 1 input.
However, I needt to make data entry from excel to app.
How would the selector know the column Sexe from Excel if the application does not have a “Type text” option?

@Youssef it would work if multiple options are there also. Suppose sometimes u have to select male or female or someother options from drop-down box. Is this your case u have to make selector in 2nd click activity dynamic selector by changing to aaname=’"+row(0).ToString+"’ where 0 is first column u change it to required column number depending on requirement.

@Manjuts90 Thank you very much!
Can the dynamic aaname be stored as a variable to use for decision?
For instance, if aaname = male , the process will follow a certain path
If aaname= female, the process will follow another path??

@Youssef Yes you can do it

Could you show me how in a simple example ? please.

@Manjuts90 I tried to change to The aaname as u mentionned. However it does not work

@Youssef With if condition or decision activities you can check whether male or female based on continue ur bot.

@Youssef First check original selector works or not?

Yes it works even if it is red

@Youssef is it working fine?

@Manjuts90 No it does not work sorry. The original selector does work I mean even the “validate” field is red.
Did u get me?

@Youssef Copy ur original selector and paste it in new click activity then make it dynamic

@Youssef Can you share original selector here?

Here it is.

@Youssef after selecting aaname option and validate the selector, then share the selector.

As you can see , it does not validate the dynamic selector

@Youssef you already made selector as dynamic after u gave variable row(8).ToString in selector.
after selecting aaname dont give row(8).toString. Please share ur selector in text format not image.

Other wise try like below.

Input selector will like something below
<html app … />
<webctrl tag… aaname=‘some value’ …/>

  1. Don’t add row(8).toString

  2. Copy the whole selector and paste it into new click.

  3. “<html app … /> <webctrl tag… aaname=‘some value’ …/>”

  4. “<html app … /> <webctrl tag… aaname=’”+row(8).ToString+"’ …/>"

  5. then click ok it might work

Here it sir:
<html app='chrome.exe' title='T-VIOO Créer' />
<webctrl id='select2-result-label-13' tag='DIV' />