Dropdownlist in KENDOUI

I can able make initial click on the dropdown ,but not able to perform "type into or click or select Item " in Dropdown list Can someone help me to select option in the dropdown ?When values are passed from excel


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If the select item activity don’t work for drop-down option selection. Then u can try this as follows

  1. Use click activity to click the main menu

  2. Use another click activitiy to.select an option in drop-down (use fn+f2 do that u can indicate baby drop-down option with delay)

Now in second click activitiy use a dynamic selector approach so.that u can be able to.select option based on input given

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Hi @ajithanbalagan0706,

Adding to @NIVED_NAMBIAR, you can also try using Set Attribute activity and select the attribute as aaname = “yourvalue



I am still facing issues in dropdown select, For First click I am able to click on the main menu. For Second click I created an dynamic selector but still values are not passing Inputs from excel.


Hi @ajithanbalagan0706

Can u show the selctor of second click?


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Hi @ajithanbalagan0706

Are u suing anchor base activitiy here ?

No i am not using any anchor base activity,here i am Passing the output of get row item to aaname then passing the assigned variable to selector.