Switching to different tabs in IE without use of title attribute

Hello there! Would appreciate your help and advise for the following issue I am having.

I need to switch to different Tabs without the use of title attribute or Send Hotkeys. I understand the concept of Attach Windows but that requires “title” attribute. As a matter of fact, my new tab will not have a static Title - it’s dynamic and varies each time. I need to switch to different Tab by other means like idx or some other id except title. When I used UiExplore, I don’t see any idx or differentiating attribute for Tabs. I have searched the forum and found some related information but not to the point. Please share if you had come across a similar problem and resolved it. Greatly appreciate it.

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Hi @Akimalam

Is a click activity an option? I’ve just checked and I can click on each tab and each will have a different idx attribute if I uncheck the name property:

I believe you could run a small loop with Get Text activity which increments the idx of the tab and gets the names of each tab. You could then use those names later on when you want to attach your browser to a specific tab (now possible by its name).

I hope it gives you some ideas :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your response back and the idea. I will definitely play with idx. Will keep you posted.

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