How to handle different screen resolution in scraping different invoice template

Hi peeps, We have automate data scraping from different invoice format. First we create the template, getting the position of each field and map to a value. It will work well sometime and encounter the following problems:

  1. I need to manually click the pdf and click “fit one full page to window”.
  2. It will not follow the position I’ve assigned if I run to another pc resolution.

Hi @jtdiala

What activities did you use ?

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Hi boss Patty,

  1. First I create template on separate uiPath project and it will save the following:
    • csv file which contains the following data:


  - png files of what I have scrape. Invoice date, payment terms etc.
  1. Then I will run another robot to read the csv file.

  2. Insert to DB

There are times that I can capture all data, but when I run again some fields are missing and have the following errors:

Requestor:NOT FOUND\nmessage:Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

if position of the required Field is changing right.

Then try using Invoice and receipt processing AI using machine learning extractor you can easily avoid these kind of positions issues.
Tell me what field is changing in the invoice ?


Hi boss Sriram07, thank you for the reply. can help to give sample/links for Machine Learning uipath?

Is this built in to uipath or need to purchase?


yeah it is built in . beta feed check


Same issue I’ve approx. 15 templates . Please suggest any approach to work with different pdf templates, to fetch eight different values of the pdf , field is same but in different templates and in different languages

Hey Sakshi, I invite you to test the invoices using Nanonets cognitive OCR removing the need to build templates. We also have a native UiPath connector: NanoNets OCR - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace Happy to help if you face any challenges.