How to handle 0xE0434352 exception

I am getting below exception in UIpath especially when it involves large amount of data
"RemoteException wrapping System.Exception: Job stopped with an unexpected exit code: 0xE0434352

Some time I am getting this error in Build data table, some time in write cell some time in another activity.

I tried to catch this exception by using System.Exception. But still Uipath is stopping abnormally throwing out this error. I need to find a way to handle this exception using try catch. can any please help


Did you check your eventviewer for errors?
Viewer (Local) > Windows Logs > Application

No, how to check that

Start > search for eventviewer on your desktop


Have you tried running with less data, for example one record, to see what it does?

yes with few records its working fine. But my work flow is to search data from data base and compare. So some times the data is huge. This issues rise only some times. So I am looking for Try catch kind of solution, so that if this issue occurs, Uipath should be able to skip that particular step and then continue.
But even Sytem.exception is not handling this

Checked event viewer
Getting the message:
Bot finished with Failed (was Processing)
RemoteException wrapping System.Exception: Job stopped with an unexpected exit code: 0xE0434352

Below that there is .NETRuntime error
Application: UiPath.Executor.exe

Framework Version: v4.0.30319

Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.

Exception Info: System.OutOfMemoryException

at MS.Internal.IO.Zip.ZipIOEndOfCentralDirectoryBlock.FindPosition(System.IO.Stream)

at MS.Internal.IO.Zip.ZipIOEndOfCentralDirectoryBlock.SeekableLoad(MS.Internal.IO.Zip.ZipIOBlockManager)

at MS.Internal.IO.Zip.ZipArchive…ctor(System.IO.Stream, System.IO.FileMode, System.IO.FileAccess, Boolean, Boolean)

at MS.Internal.IO.Zip.ZipArchive.OpenOnFile(System.String, System.IO.FileMode, System.IO.FileAccess, System.IO.FileShare, Boolean)

at System.IO.Packaging.ZipPackage…ctor(System.String, System.IO.FileMode, System.IO.FileAccess, System.IO.FileShare, Boolean)

i would look at this first error:
Exception Info: System.OutOfMemoryException

Does your bot/studio has enough RAM to process big loads of data at once? Does it crash when your out of RAM? You might have to monitor your bot/studio when the job is running a big data set.