How to group by multiple columns from a datatable?

Can any one help me on this below scenario?

Need to group by columns Col1 & Col1 2 and fetch all Col3 and Col4 details as datatable.

Also,for each col1 and Col2 need to add data in an data entry application.


I do not know if there is an activity out there to do this. Obviously, you could toy with Invoke VBA, but the you can definitely do this using an Alt-key combination to access the “Merge Cells” feature in Excel.
Type Into "[k(alt)]hmm"

So, the only left would be to select the cells you want to merge. You can use the Select Range activity, but you will need to know the range.

Beforehand, you may need to sort the table, which can be done a few ways with either .net on the datatable or the Excel Sort Table activity.

Then, the hard part… how do you find the range?
There might be a simpler way, but my first thought is you can use some ForEaches with some .net to find the unique values. Then, use the indexOf() for the row number.

[will post that idea soon when I have time]


Hello @Renuka_Pachimatla

As per my knowledge There is no such activity exists to solve this.

But you automat using excel formula.
First find the cells you want to combine and type the formula in one of the two cell you want to merg.

Formula : =CONCATENATE(A1,” “,B1)

There are so. Many formula so you can search for it.