From Postman to UiPath Studio

Hello, I need help because I have a method implemented in Postman but I need to implement it in UiPath Studio. Could you help me to pass it from Postman to UiPath Studio?

Thanks in advance. KR.

Hi Carlos.

We need some more info on what you are trying to achieve.

Recently I’ve worked with Postman to send some requests (GET, POST) and I then built them in UiPath using the HTTP Request from UiPath.Web.Activities.HttpClient package.

What exactly is your method in Postman?



I attach you some screenshots of the postman method to clarify what I need. Could you help me to complete the HTTP request activity with the information I have attached

you in the screenshots?

Thanks in advance. KR.

First, you need to add a HTTP Request activity (you can find it in the UiPath.Web.Activities.HttpClient package). You’ll be prompted with the wizard and you should add something like this and also add the password:

after that you can edit the properties of the activity and add the Body parameter (copy paste from postman). Note: the Body should be a string.
HTTP Request Properties

Hope it helps.


Thanks for your help. I have written all the data you have provided me. However, when I execute the process I obtain the following error message (I attach you screenshots of the activity and the error message. I also attach you the body in string format).

Please, could you ell me which is the error?

Thanks in advance.Body.txt (17.3 KB)

Error2 Process

Have a look at this post: SOAP Request - maybe HTTP Request - To Navision 2018 Soap webservice - #10 by jonl

And check the way the string in Body is formatted (each quote inside the string is doubled).


I’ve doubled the quotes and now this is the error that I obtain:

I also attach the new body.

Could you help me to solve it?

Thanks in advance. KR.Body.txt (10.8 KB)


I think the best way is to use SOAP Request, but you will need a wsdl to load. If you look in the link in my previous post it explain quite well.

What worked for me was to discuss with the teams internally, that are either admins or developers of the application I am trying to reach, so they can give me: a) the connection details (wsdl, API, tokens) and b) some documentation. Otherwise you’re in the dark.

Best of luck!