How can we add wait activity to robot

what activity to use to make robot wait for some time and not to let it go to nest stage or next sequence

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Hi @varun5,

You can add Delay and specify the timeframe.


Hi @varun5

You can use delay activity. Also you can also use delayafter property of the activity after which you want to wait

how to enter time for delay activity

In format hours:minute:second.

E.g. you want to wait for 5 seconds then 00:00:05

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Hi @varun5

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Hi we can choose the activity based on the need
Like if we have any element or image that we are waiting to appear or vanish and then continue with the process then we should avoid using delay activity and activities like ON ELEMENT APPEAR, ON IMAGE APPEAR, ON ELEMENT VANISH, ON IMAGE VANISH must be used so that the moment when the image or element appears or vanished this activity will continue to execute the activities in it
—the reason why to avoid delay at above cases is like when the image appears for example these above activities won’t wait till 30 seconds (default timeout) and Continue while delay will wait until the full timeout values gets exhausted so our performance will be reduced

So we need to use delay activity only when we have no way to access element or image

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