How to get values of Json Object starting with a key name unique for each data

I have a Json object I get from a web database through HTTP request like;


I want to get each value of “Column1” & “Column2” but each first key “DataID” part is unique numbers for each data row in the database and I don’t see one until I make access.

I figured out I can get past the first key by using PropertyValues like

For each value in jObject.PropertyValues("Column1")
messagebox : item 
#shows each value of Column1

If this is Python, I would do

For value1, value2 in zip(jObject.PropertyValues("Column1"),jObject.PropertyValues("Column2"))
print(value1 + value2)



How can I achieve this in UiPath?

This article might help on accessing a Json Array/JArray

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Thank you for sharing this but I think I know the basic of Json.
The problem is my json object doesn’t start with a consitant key like “records” in this video.
instead starts with digits unique to each data row like

So maybe I want to dictate like
For each item in jObject
Write Line
text: item(key_value_index(0))(“Column1”)

I’m Japanese and asked the same question on Japanese Forum, then Yoichi here showed me I should use “.Children” property like

to achieve this.

And with his sample and your video I realized I should also set TypeArgument as corresponding Json type=Newtonsoft.Json.LinqJToken

I’m really grateful for all your help.

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