How to extract the exact data from Json file

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Am trying to extract the specific data from Json file . Can any of you help me on how to extract:
Data is : {“invoiceNumber”:“Abc- 645687”,“accountNumber”:“DXXX”,“invoiceDate”:“XXXX”,“OrderNumber”:“XXXX”,“soldToDetails”:"; XXXXXXX . "}

I wanted to create a datatable with this data . Can anyone please help.

Thank you


Use Deserialize JSON activity. It will give you an out put of type JsonObject. Lets us say you store the JsonObject to a variable jsonObject. Now you can get values from the JsonObject like below.



Read more from the below article.


Thanks @KannanSuresh for the response.

it worked for me

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one possible way how to get given JSON into datatable:
1/ deserialize JSON as described by @KannanSuresh

2/ convert it into dictionary
dic = jsonObject.ToObject(of Dictionary(of string, string))

3/ build datatable using BuildDataTable activity

4/ convert dictionary into datatable
dt = (From row In dic Select dt.Rows.Add(row.Key.ToString,row.Value.ToString)).ToArray.CopyToDataTable

See also How to convert dictionary into data table with out for loop



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